What people say aboutthe art of Obed Gómez

"I believe true art is a reflection of our maker. Our creator has chosen a select few to carry that creative gift and I know Obed is one of those people. He has the ability to artistically portray the true expression of a culture, celebration, or even an array of emotions. His talent is diverse, ranging from many various styles; which is a rare find."
Eric Powell
Art Director
New Man Magazine
Lake Mary, FL

"Music for the eyes and soul on canvas. I felt the energy of the paintings the minute I walked into the room. My visit to Brevard Community College was for pleasure and a class assignment, but I recieved so much more than I expected. I enjoyed the vibrancy of colour and the painterly Van Goghish style of Sr. Gómez. My favorites were, "Bomba, Plena y Romance", "Viva La Musica", and "Los Congueros". But most of all, I so enjoyed the stories that Sra. Gómez told me of Puerto Rico and the tales of the paintings--the fiber behind the paint--Family. I am happy to own a print of "Los Pescadores", and would love to own an original, someday. God Bless you both, and thank you for a wonderful experience!"
Tami Manuel

"Most of the people that have seen my recent purchase of Mr. Gómez' work have described his work as "Stunning", "Deep" and "beautiful" (comments that I could not agree with more). To these, I would like to add "amazing, touching & underrated". Mr Gomez not only shows an extreme talent to translate Culture to his pieces but he manages impeccable color arrangements that are truly moving! I am grateful for the opportunity!"
Marcella Maduro
Wood-Ridge, NJ

"I was spellbound by the magnificent and exuberant colors of the "Soul of a dancer" Art Print. My goal is to one day own an original painting--a must have. I am grateful to have his Latin American art in my home, which compliments it very well. "
Deborah Burewell
Raleigh, NC

"Acabo de ver tu página y te felicito,es una manera más de probar el gran talento que tiene nuestra gente. Dios te bendiga y sigue adelante. "
Luis Antonio Rivera (Yoyo Boing)
San Juan, PR

"Detrás del gran artista se encuentra un ciudadano que reconoce el impacto y legado que puede dejar en nuestra juventud. Quiero agradecer públicamente la charla que le ofreció a mis estudiantes de escuela superior. No sólamente disfrutaron de su arte, sino que despertó en ellos el orgullo de ser Latinoamericanos. Gracias, èxito y bendiciones. "
María Margarita Rivera
Orlando, FL

"Obed's art is a tribute to the kind of thoughtful, unique, and refreshing work that is desperately needed in today's post-modern, hedonistic culture. The virtue of his work lies not only in his talent, but in his ability to communicate a positive theme through his talent. At the risk of hyperbole, if Obed's work ever becomes the standard-bearer, art may yet be vindicated. "
Adam Goldman
Lake Mary, FL

"Your paintings are refreshingly modern and colorful yet beautifully folkloric... simply awesome! Each one tells a wonderful story and makes me dream of the Puerto Rico I knew as a little girl. Thank you for sharing your talent on the web... If it were not for your website, I would be missing out on enjoying your inspiring art. "
Cynthia M. Portalatin
Athens, Georgia

"It was truly a real pleasure meeting you at Las Olas, Riverfront, Fort Lauderdale, Puerto Rico Fest. I'm very impressed and especially admire your style and color you use in your artwork. It's one thing to see it on-line and to actually see it in real life. Now I can visualize your artwork in my home. I truly appreciate your interest in keeping the Puerto Rican culture and history alive in your work. Una jibarita de corazón! "
Nilda Cruz
Miami, FL

"Watch out world; a Star is born! The newest great artist from Puerto Rico. His paintings are simply breathtaking. We are the proud owners of Obed's "Don Quijote", Acrylic on Canvas (20" x 24") which has a very special place in our home. Neither one of us can stop looking at it. We have been art collecting for a little while now, having been able to acquire wonderful pieces from such great artists as Rafael Tufino, Augusto Marin, Epifanio Irizarry, Alfonso Arana, Carmelo Sobrino, Wichie Torres and Luis Cajiga, among others. We consider ourselves to have a good eye for art and, without doubt, consider Obed to be right up there together with those great painters. Obed and his wife, Sarah, are plain and simple a class act; no better people to deal with around. First class all the way. Get one of Obed's works while you can!"
Roberto & Lizette Feliberti, Esquire
San Juan, PR

"I just want to thank you for such great works !! I realize I can't fully understand some of them because I still need to learn a lot about Puerto Rican culture but even though I'm amazed with the colors, techniques and how your paintings remind me of wonderful moments I spent on the island... Once again thank you & I wish you all the best!"
Malgorzata Dolewska
Warsaw, Poland

"Obed's art is conceptually brilliant. His works are passionate; opening the heart. His paintings reveal him as a consummate story teller."
Denise Maldonado
Stamford, Connecticut

"Thanks for making us puertorriqueños proud. Thanks for not leaving our "roots" on a shelf and sharing them with the world. Although I was born and raised in New York City, I truly consider myself a native of Puerto Rican. With that pride, I thank you for allowing others to see PR's beauty through your eyes and paint brushes. "
Ileana Velez
New York

"I am in love with your "Viva La Musica" painting. I yearn to be the proud owner of the original piece. I got the print and have fallen even more in love with it. To me this painting embodies Puerto Rico, it's rhythmic vibe, the happy people, 'las fiestas', it's tropical climate. It's just a great piece! "
Zulma Alicea
Puerto Rico

"Mr. Gomez has the ability to sincerely express feelings through his art. He manages to pull one into the spirit of his homeland, yet his talents reach far beyond. There are no boundaries set on his limitless styles. Be it realistic or of an abstract nature, he manages to capture you through his sense of color and shadings. I am proud to own such impressive work."
Marsha McInturff
Professional Artist
Chuluota, FL

"Obed, the Al Ritmo de Mi Tierra print has these incredible blue and green hues which to me seem so symbolic of Puerto Rico's Natural Beauty, it is indeed far more impressive than viewing it on the computer. I can imagine that the painting is breath taking and spirit-filled. My other thought has to do with the musicians and of course their connection to the country...Land/Tierra, as you so well named it. I liked the guitarist hand strumming the Cuatro. There was something about the hand, that seemed weathered, seasoned with age, time. When I first noticed it it seemed arthritic to me , but then I spent more time reflecting on this, and thougth about how my abuelito's and abuelita's hands were, brown in color, rough and calloused, but tender when held. I also liked the maraca's players face quite Boricua! So as you can tell I'm quite pleased with my print and Thank-You for signing and numbering it!! "
Alba Barreto
San Francisco, CA

"Estoy completamente imprecionado con estas pinturas. Quiero felicitar a el pintor porque me encanta su arte. Cuando veo pinturas como estas siento mucho orgullo por mi gente y por mi patria. Felicito de todo corazón al artista puertorriqueño Obed Gómez."
Arnaldo Santos
Banda de Rock Incierto
Comerio, PR

"We love your wonderful hispanic art - keep it coming! You have captured some true Puerto Rican moments on canvas that are keeping us in touch with the Island every day - living in Europe is fun but unfortunately half a world away. Your Latin American art makes the distance a little shorter. Thanks again from the GermaRicans! "
Ulrike Rady Pizarro
Mainz, Germany

"Soy artista puertorriqueño y vivo en las montañas de Aibonito, donde tengo mi taller galería. Te felicito por tu trabajo y por la manera de proyectarlo. ¡Felicidades! "
Enrique de Jesús
Artista puertorriqueño
Aibonito, PR

"I attended "Viva La Musica" at Seaworld and saw you work at the exhibit area for the first time.I was drawn to it immediately, I saw so much of myself in your artwork. I'm an aspiring artist and was so proud of your work. Knowing you were Puerto Rican and creating such beautiful and inspiring work was a gift for me. Your work touched my soul and made me see all the beauty in me, in all of us Puerto Ricans. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. "
Nilda Galarza
Orlando, FL

"El color y la temática de Obed es tan cultural que para nosotros es difícil tener solamente una de sus obras en casa. "
Olga, Edison, Edison Eduardo y Andres Rafael
San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Obed your art is extremely fascinating! what a wonderful gift God has given you to share with others. Every time I look at your paintings i fall in love with Puerto Rico. I love your painting everyone of them! It is hard to choose they are all amazing. God Bless. "
Annette Rodríguez-Laboy
Cranston, RI

"I was mesmerized when I first saw your work at the Orlando City Hall. It is absolutely beautiful and powerful. I love your contemporary style, color arrangements and your talent to translate the Puerto Rican and Latino culture to each of your creations. Thank you for sharing your art with us. "
Jenifer S. Cruz
Tampa, FL

"Querido Compatriota, gracias por ese arte tan lindo! Esperamos que algun día podamos asistir a una de sus exhibiciones. Pero si alguna vez quiere venir a Nuevo Mejico, aquí estaremos. Gracias por hacerme sentir orgullosa de ser Puertorriqueña! "
Migdalia Cruz-Holmes
New Mexico

"I would just like to thank you for your wonderful talent...I have been searching for Boricua art forever. Looking at these pieces have literally brought me to tears. My mom brought me here when I was 4 from Puerto Rico and I have felt like an uplifted tree, without roots. The school system couldn't have taught me as much about my culture as your beautiful work has. You've provided a light to my darkness, Gracias y que Dios te cuide' "
Rosa Rivera
New York, NY

"I would like to take a brief moment to thank you for your visit to the Adolescent Therapeutic Center. Your work ethnics, passion and dedication for your work and the children in the community deem admiration. I am certain that the children have benefited from your presence and kind words. "
María Mercedes Pagán
Orlando, FL

"I recently purchased one of your prints "El Ritmo De Mi Tierra”. It looks fantastic! Every time I look at the print, it reminds me of my family and heritage and gives me a sense of serenity. I simply want to say thank you for your talents and vision. "
Randy Sotomayor
Waldorf, MD

"I'm almost in tears. I have been looking for Puertorican art for my home, because I want to celebrate my culture. This has been a time of self discovery for me and viewing your art has moved me in a way never before. Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world in a way we as Puertorriqueños can hold are head up. God bless. "
Janet Benítez

"Thank you for being proud of whom you are and where you are from. If all the Puerto Rican's world wide, had your spirit and your pride we would be # 1. Obed through your art, people can see the beauty of Puerto Rico. They can all see that we Puerto Ricans are full of culture , tradition, folklore and willing to share it with others. Thank you once again and may God bless and take care of always. "
Ana Iris Martínez De Jesús
Lajas, Puerto Rico

"I find myself returning time and time again admire your work. To me, it speaks a million words. You truly do capture our culture and awaken such pride and so many other feelings that at times are overwhelming. I wish you the very best. I will continue to follow your progress. "
Debbie Rodríguez
Gainesville, FL

"Quiero felicitarte por tu hermoso trabajo,me quede impresionada porque es genuino y diferente. Me puse melancolica al ver tu trabajo, porque en cada una de tus pinturas me veo en mi Isla, lo que viví y los recuerdos de mi gente y cultura. En verdad te felicito con todo mi corazón, porque todos están preciosas. Te deseo mucha suerte y que sigas hacia adelante, y que Dios te cuide y te bendiga mucho. "
Karmary Garcia

"I find your work to be amazing and very inspiring! Your art definitely sends a sense of Love Tranquility and peace... especially the “Jibaros en el campo”... I just figured that it would be nice to let you know that there are many people that admire your work and I am definitely one of them. God Bless you and your work always."
Elizabeth Bonilla
New York, NY

"I was floored, your work is beautiful. There are not enough words to describe how I felt when I held "Al Ritmo de mi Tierra" in my hands. I am hooked. Your work is just wonderful. I am so proud to be Puerto Rican. "
Gladys Toledo
Brooklyn, NY

"Gracias, Obed, por tus obras. Han traido lagrimas a mis ojos.... especialmente "Mi Jibara" y "Al Ritmo De Mi Tierra"! Me hacen pensar en mis años en mi isla querida Puerto Rico. Auque ahora no vivo en Puerto Rico, llevo a Puerto Rico en mi corazón! Tu arte me recuerda de dónde yo soy, y quien yo soy.... Puertoriqueña! "
Dra. Ramesh S. Jagan
Silver Spring, MD

"Your work is phenomenal and nostalgic! The use of the vibrant hues give off the expression of life in Puerto Rico as I recall, running on the streets while the rain poured down and singing along side my uncles trio in my balcony. "
Lilibeth Bonilla
New York, NY

"As a New York Rican latina, I've been looking for Puerto Rican artists on the web for some time. I am so proud and thrilled that this site is up and running. The art selection is beautiful and I will pass it on to the others in my life who desperately look for original and talented work. Keep up the amazing work and continue to represent us well. Buena suerte Boricua! "
Kimberly A. Lebrón
New York, NY

"Primero que nada queria felicitarte por tu estupendo trabajo! Conosco personalmente a varios pintores muy talentosos de Puerto Rico tales como Carmelo Sobrino y Boricua Rivera. Pero muchas de tus obras tienen un encanto especial en ellas; es como si con ellas te transportaras en el tiempo y vivieras todas esas vivencias una vez más. ¡Te deseo mucho éxito! "
Gretza Beatriz Colmenero
Gainesville, FL

"Mirando tus obras vuelvo a revivir momentos e imágenes muy queridas de mi Puerto Rico. Aunque estamos muy lejos hemos sentido el calor de nuestra cultura y nuestra gente. Te felicito por tu trabajo!"
Ivelisse Lugo
Indianapolis, IN

"I just want to let you know I really enjoyed your work. Your use of vibrant colors is great! the images you have chosen represent real Puerto Rican culture. God bless your efforts in representing all Puerto Ricans in the Contemporary Art field."
Juan G. Garcia
Sandford, FL

To my friend Obed Gomez, I have found your work to display much more than vivid colors and fantastic ideas portrayed on a canvas. The heart and feeling of your subject comes to life as you express through the painting medium your love and passion for life.

Knowing you as a friend I have also come to know that you are a man of integrity and humility. A man who seeks not to glorify himself, but to give all of the honor to his creator, his inspiration, his friend.

I enjoy your art, and look forward to your future work.
Timothy D Steward
Lake Mary, FL

"Thank you for giving life to our culture thru your contemporary paintings. When I saw your work all my thoughts were traveling through my beautiful Puerto Rico, Island of great writers and artists like you. It's great to know talented people and knowing that even though we are so far from our country we are still proud to be "Boricuas"."
Ilia Viera
Carolina, PR

"I must say that by looking at Mr. Gómez' artwork you can feel Puerto Rico and what it means to thousands of souls in the exile. I am very happy to own some of his works. His images are that excuse that your mind is looking for. That excuse that takes you to the memories of your grandma's house, of "la plaza",of that past that lives deep in our hearts. Is the feeling of that Puerto Rico querido that some of us hope to go back some day."
Doel Augusto Rodriguez
Piscatway, NY

"I greatly enjoy Gomez's work. His use of colors and Latin American themes, particularly those related to Puerto Rico, which create a sense of home for me and a greater connection to my roots."
Pedro Argueyo
Memphis, TN

"Obed's art is an expiration! In his paintings he expresses the pride and love that our island has to offer. Each picture shows what a "boricua" is all about in every which way. Thank you Obed you are a kindred spirit to us all."
Mayra Ruiz
Administrative Assistant/Patients Coordinator
Chelsea, MA

"I am very pleased with the art work. I have various Caribbean pieces as well as paintings from many islands. Being from Puerto Rico myself the ones I bought from you have special meaning & remind me of my childhood. I went to have them framed and the staff at the shop loved the work as well. You now have a presence in Scottsdale, Arizona."
John Glynn
Scottsdale, AZ

"When I first saw your paintings, I immediately noticed their color harmony and interesting designs. You, without doubt, have the ability to portray a real-life situation or traditional event into pleasing artwork. You are also able to capture them into the best style to fit each case, and I am sure that as time goes by, you will be able to evolve into one of the best representatives of our latin heritage."
Jorge Lassus
Graphic Artist
Tampa, FL

"Mr. Gómez' art work takes me back to where I was originally born, Puerto Rico. If I can rate Mr. Gómez' art work I would give him a 19 out of 10. The art just takes your breath away. I can see that he has lots of talent and wish he would keep on doing what's he does the best."
Emanuel Melendez
Philadelphia, PA

"The first time I saw Obed's paintings, I sensed a part of my homeland and culture in each of his works of art. His purpose of creating a positive energy is achieved through his paintings."
Lynda Fiqueroa
Traffic Coordinator
Strang Communications
Lake Mary, FL

"Obed's art reminds me of the old expression, "I may not know art, but I know what I like." His style satisfies my need for realism, but is abstract enough that I can feel his emotional attachment to each piece. His work is a true balance between the impressionist and the expressionist styles, and should enjoy a wide appeal among all those who view his paintings and sketches."
Donald Rauhofer
Chuluota ,FL

"Obed uses his God-given talent to convey the passion and emotion of his rich cultural background. The colors in his paintings spill onto the canvas with such intensity that the viewer is transported into an exotic place where the only limitation is the imagination."
Kathy Curtis
Deltona, FL

"It was so refreshing to come across Obed's artwork and I am very pleased to have been able to obtain a couple of his pieces. They are very vibrant and beautifully done. It truly captures the feel of a pleasant time and place. Personally it brings back childhood memories that are at times forgotten and puts a smile on my face."
Ana Wallace
Pittsburg, CA

"I own several pieces of your work and I an hooked. We live so far from la isla that I am delighted to have your beautiful art work in my children's rooms, my husbands law office, our guestroom and our home office. You are so gifted in expressing your love of our culture. You have assisted us in bringing something of Puerto Rican culture to our children. Thank you!"
Lisa Barini-Garcia, Esquire
Twin Falls, ID

"The pride I feel in knowing that these beautiful works of art are from a Puerto Rican brings me such joy. I have always been drawn to art and anything that is creative. I especially loved your gallo paintings. My father passed away and his passion was gallos. When I saw the paintings on line, it touched me deeply. The way art should keep up the beautiful work. God bless you "
Venturita Rodriguez-Nichols
Bristol, Pennsylvania

"Greetings...from Florida, from one artist to another your paintings reflex how our Puerto Rican people bring joy to our beautiful Island Puerto Rico, surrounding it with traditional spanish melody and dance, your paintings are truly wonderful! keep up the excellent work. "
Miramar, FL

"Obed, me parece maravilloso la forma de expresar su talento. Los colores tan vivos y dinamicos. Represanta usted a nuestra cultura latina en forma extraordinaria...Le felicito, y espero conocerle algun dia. Aqui estoy, disfrutando de tan divina expresion artistica... Estudio arte en Connecticut, Creative Arts Workshop, Audobon Street. Observar a otros artistas y sus trabajos, enrriquecen inmensamente el desarrollo artistico de uno. Gracias por compartir su talento, adelante siempre. "
Jennicel Bolanos
New Haven, CT

"El arte creado por Obed Gómez además de ser creativo es conmovedor ya que con solo observarlo nos transporta a otra época de nuestra isla y despierta en nosostros recuerdos de una gran niñez. Llena de emociones, tradiciones y maravillosos tiempos. "
Steven A. Torres Ramos
St. Petersburg, FL

"Hey, Alma Libre!: Así se le llamaba a la persona que se escapaba de la "ciudad" y del poder Español que era insoportable en aquellos tiempos. Estas Almas Libres vivian en paz y en libertad en lo más profundo de la selva Boriqueña y en sus altas montañas. Cerca de Dios se inspiraban en toda clase de artes y luego se dieron a conocer como artesanos, poetas, cantores, trobadores, artistas y por supuesto pintores -para nombrar algunos. El indio Taino fue el primero en ver la pureza y nobleza en estas almas que se escapaban hacia el 'monte'. Ese mismo Taino le dio el nombre "JIBARO" (Alma Libre). Con todo el respeto que te mereces y por demostrar tu pureza en alma con tu pintura de orgullo me llena el poder conocerte como buen JIBARO que eres! "
Fredy y Cyndi Quiñones
Ridgewood, NJ

"I purchased your giclee prints (4!) for my new home and always get comments about them. I had a few originals of Luis Cajiga and a few Puerto Rican posters but your collection has now made me and my husband fanatical about new Puerto Rican art. We intend to purchase some of your original's to add to what is fast becoming a very cultural home in artistist expression. I just brought some paper mache art from Raphael Cabrera (who loves you too!). Anyway, to all those wondering if they should make an investment in this art...if you are proud of your culture and what your home or office to express that in a unique way...this is the art to get. Thank you again. "
Rev. Elizabeth D. Rios
Latino Pastoral Action Center
Miami, FL

"Como Puertorriqueña que soy le doy Gracias a Dios por haberte dado el Talento del Arte. Expresión del Alma. Que Dios te siga Bendiciendo en donde quiera que vayas y sigue hacia adelante con tus metas siempre mirando hacia el Todo Poderoso. "
Emma Alejandro
San Juan, PR

"Soy un admirador del arte y la música,y como puertorriqueño,me agrada ver todo lo que pueda representar a nuestra cultura positivamente. Es de orgullo ver el trabajo de nuestro compatriota, Obed Gómez.Pues sus impressiones y temas captan la esencia de lo que es ser un puertorriqueño. "
Hector Luis Aponte
Kearny, NJ

"Tu arte me ha impresionado muchísimo considerando que solamente lo he visto a través de la computadora. Pues, al ver tus trabajos pense que capturan vividamente el espíritu boricua lo que muchos no entienden y confunden repetidamente. Fui nacida y criada en Santurce y mi papá me decía que Roberto Clemente era primo tercero de nosotros (aunque nunca lo conoci ni a su familia) así que "Cultura" va a tener un significado especial para mí. Los boricuas que estan estacionados en Korea conmigo van a ver y apreciar el valor de tu trabajo. Bueno, Te felicito y te deseo mucha suerte en tus emprezas y agradesco el esfuerzo, ardor y reconocimiento Boricua de tu trabajo."
Aracelis Clemente