Puerto Rican Artists


Boricua is a Puerto Rican word derived from the Taino Indian word “Boriken” the name they gave the Island they lived on, Puerto Rico. Boricua is a word that evokes emotion about a home land and a culture that many world wide, expatriated Puerto Ricans miss about their island home and themselves. Boricua.com, founded in 1996, is a small company run by 2 people, Elizabeth “Latin Liz” Saldaña Kobel and her husband, John Kobel.

Puerto Rican Artist Elizabeth Baez
Elizabeth captures the heart and soul of Puerto Rico on canvas -the people, the Island's tropical landscapes and more. Shop for original fine art paintings, prints and notecards.

Puerto Rican José F. Rios
José Felipe Rios Latino Artist was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This Puerto Rican Painter discovered his love for painting and talent for working with his hands early in his life. Come learn of his struggles through life and the come back to his dream come true.

Puerto Rican jewelry artist Yanira Ramírez
Visit the website of Yanira Ramírez, she's a talented jewelry designer who exhibits her work in Puerto Rico and Central Florida.

Puerto Rican photographer Marcos Serrano
Puerto Rico photos from Puerto Rican photographer Marcos Serrano.

Artist Michelle M. Irizarry
Michelle is a gifted artist based in Palm Beach County in South Florida. Although she has experience working with many mediums, the young Puerto Rican artist specializes in watercolors and oil paintings.

Puerto Rican Parades, Festivals & Cultural Events

The National Puerto Rican Parade Inc.
The National Puerto Rican Parade Inc. was established to create a national awareness and appreciation of Puerto Rican culture and its contribution to the culture and the society of the United States. In addition, it promote the study, improvement, and/or advancement of Puerto Rican culture and arts by encouraging, promoting, coordinating, developing and participating in various cultural events, including musical productions, plays and exhibits, and conduct od parades in the City of New York and throughout the United States.

Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester, New York
The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated sponsors a variety of events, which serve to share and celebrate Puerto Rican culture. The largest event is the Puerto Rican Festival (34 annual editions to date have been organized), the longest running cultural festival in the County of Monroe. The festival is an annual three-day event, which averages a daily attendance of 7,000 people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Puerto Rican Parade of Western New York
Our goal at the Puerto Rican Parade of Western New York is to promote and celebrate our Puerto Rican traditions by planning events that will enrich our culture, and maintain its viability. To educate our youth today for future generations by faithfully engaging in the preservation of our heritage.

Nuestra meta con la Parada Puertorriqueña de Western New York es de promover y celebrar las tradiciones Puertorriqueña a trávez de la planificación de eventos que enriquecerán nuestra cultura. Educando a nuestros jóvenes hoy para las generaciones del mañana, fielmente dedicados a la preservación de nuestra herencia.

Parada San Juan Bautista- Camden, New Jersey
The Parada San Juan Bautista serves to create solidarity and harmony within the entire community. This is experienced at the grass roots level within the religious and educational community, the business and the government sector at the City, County and State levels. Its success in bringing together people from different cultures and races has integrated the Parade activities into the social fiber of the City of Camden, and the surrounding communities. The parade is a joyful celebration of Puerto Rican and Latino culture, folklore, art, history and customs.